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Frequently Asked Question's

Here are some of the questions you might want to ask. Please call us if there is anything else you would
like to know.

Q: What should I do when someone dies?

Q: Who makes the funeral arrangements?

Q: Should we hold a funeral service?

Q: Should a funeral service be left as a private event?

Q: Can a funeral service help me?

Q: Can children attend a funeral service?

Q: What type of clothing is usually worn to a funeral        service?

Q: Who issues a Death Certificate?

Q: What is a Coroner/Procurator Fiscal?

Q: Who makes the funeral arrangements?

Q: What about embalming?

Q: What does an average funeral cost?

Q: How can I obtain a simple funeral service?

Q: Can a family arrange a burial or cremation directly        with a cemetery or crematorium?

Q: Is there a difference in cost between burial and

Q: How much do cemetery plots cost?

Q: What are the funeral costs for a stillborn or newly
       born baby?

Q: Can funeral arrangements be made in advance?

Q: Who can get help from the Social Fund of The
       Department of Work and Pensions?

Q: Can a family add to the allowance received from
       the Social Fund for a Funeral?

Q: Can a funeral director make arrangements for a  funeral to take place at a distance?

Q: What procedure should be followed if a death
       occurs whilst away from home?


Q: Does the deceased have to be accompanied or
       have an escort when moved to a distant location?

Q: Do cemeteries and crematoria have chapels for

Q: If a family has no church affiliation, who will
       officiate at the service?

Q: Is there a fee for the minister for the use of the

Q: Can a Roman Catholic be cremated?

Q: What is done with cremated remains?

Q: Does anyone have to witness the cremation?

Q: How can I express sympathy?

Q: What is a memorial service?

Q: How can I give my body for medical research?

Q: Can I donate kidneys, etc.?

Q: What is Bereavement Benefit?

Q: What is Widowed Parent’s Allowance?

Q: What is Bereavement Payment?

Q: Can I get Widowed Parent’s Allowance and
       Bereavement Allowance at the same time.?

Q: If I am over the state pension age when I become        widowed will I receive extra Retirement Pension?

Q: If my husband or wife died as a result of their job
       would I still be able to get benefits even if they
       didn't pay enough National Insurance?

Q: Can I still receive benefits if I already have some
       contribution based ones?

Q: Am I still eligible for bereavement benefits if I was        divorced from my Husband / Wife?

Q: Can I get benefits if I remarry or live with my
       partner but we are not married?

Q: How does it effect my benefits if I work?

Q: What is a Social Fund Funeral Payment?

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