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Arranging a Funeral

Burial or Cremation?

What happens at a burial?

We can advise you of the options available if you need to purchase a new grave in a local cemetery or churchyard. Please note that some churchyards are ‘closed’ for new graves, or restrictions may be in place regarding eligibility.

For a burial in an existing grave in a public cemetery, the Deeds to the grave may be required – you will have no Deeds if the grave is within a churchyard.

You may choose to have a funeral service/ceremony at a venue such as a church, chapel, or even at the graveside. We will advise you regarding the local options available.

The committal of the coffin can be for close family only, or may be attended by all who have been present at any service prior to the committal – this is your choice.

At the committal, the coffin is gently lowered into the grave – a little earth, holy water or petals may be sprinkled over the coffin, as appropriate. You may also wish to scatter a little earth or holy water on the coffin yourself, or to place a flower in the grave. Any floral tributes present will be displayed nearby for everyone to see. Afterwards, these are placed onto the grave once it has been back-filled.

We will arrange for a temporary grave marker to be placed on the grave whilst the necessary time elapses before a permanent memorial can be erected – or you can take advantage of our vase loan facility; please ask us for details.

What happens at a cremation?

You may choose to have a funeral service/ceremony at a venue such as a church, chapel or another location prior to – or after – a committal at the crematorium. Alternatively, the whole ceremony and committal may take place at the crematorium chapel.

The Telford area is served by three crematoria: Telford Crematorium, Emstrey Crematorium, (Shrewsbury) and Bushbury Crematorium, (Wolverhampton). Service lengths vary, but usually a twenty to thirty minute service is the maximum available (forty minutes maximum at Telford Crematorium), although an additional time can be booked at an extra cost.

At the crematorium, the immediate family often follow behind the coffin as we process into the chapel – however you may choose to precede the coffin and settle yourself without the angst of following behind – this is your choice entirely. During the words of committal, the coffin may be hidden from view by a curtain, but if you prefer, the coffin may remain on view in the chapel until you have left. You may choose family, or friends, to carry or escort the coffin.

All coffins are individually cremated in accordance with a strict Code of Cremation Practice.

Following a cremation, there are various options available to you regarding the cremated remains (‘ashes’), we are able to advise you of these options accordingly.

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