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What to do...

In the event of an Unexpected Death

When a death is sudden, accidental or unexplained, you should contact the police and do not touch anything at the scene.

The police will attend the place of death and establish the known facts relating to the circumstances. When the police are satisfied, they will call ourselves on your behalf, and we may be asked to remove the deceased from the place of death to the local public mortuary.

The death may be referred to the Coroner's office. If so, a Coroner's officer will establish from the deceased's doctor if they can certify the cause of death (this may happen if the doctor saw the person within the previous 14 days). If not, a post mortem examination may be required to try and determine the exact cause of death.

If the Coroner finds that death was unnatural (for example; if a third party was involved) then an Inquest will be opened to establish the circumstances, and the matter may be referred to the police or Health and Safety Executive.

We are available at any time to advise upon the procedure following an unexpected death.