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After a death: Registration, The Coroner


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How might the Coroner be involved?

Naturally, a sudden and unexpected death, together with the Coroner’s involvement, can be very distressing. We are fully acquainted with all procedures and are here to help and guide you in any way that we can. Be assured that the Coroner and Coroner’s officers are working in your interest.

There are a number of reasons why a death may be referred to Her Majesty’s Coroner and different circumstances will require different procedures to take place. These should not, however, give you any cause for alarm.

Mr Ellery, H.M. Coroner for Shropshire, is a Solicitor and is independent of local and central government, and is required to act in accordance with the law. Any sudden or unexplained death must be reported to him, regardless of how it may appear to have happened.

Sometimes, by simple questioning of various people, the Coroner will be able to determine whether the death was due to natural causes and a Doctor will issue a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. If so the death is registered in the usual manner.

If the Cause of Death cannot be determined, the Coroner may require a post mortem examination to take place. This will often indicate that the death was due to natural causes and in such cases, the Coroner will send a certificate to the Registrar so that the death can be registered and the funeral can take place.

If you choose burial, the (Green) Registrar’s Certificate may be issued.

For a cremation the Coroner will issue a certificate directly to us –  and no (Green) Registrar’s Certificate is issued.

If the death is due to unnatural causes (for example: an accident) the Coroner will to hold an Inquest.

An Inquest is a formal enquiry to establish:
a) the identity of the deceased
b) when, where and how the death occurred
c) the cause of death

Usually an Inquest will be opened and adjourned to allow the funeral to take place. Once all of the relevant facts have been established, the Inquest will be reopened. This may be some weeks later.

Where there is a delay in holding an Inquest, a Certificate of the Fact of Death (‘Interim Certificate’) may be issued by the Coroner in order to commence the administration of the estate.

We can advise you of all procedural matters throughout this process.


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